PROMAS won’t let me pay the owner what I think he should get

1. There are payables or work orders holding back funds. You can see this by clicking on the owner or property name in AP, Scheduled Payables. You can increase the distribution check by that amount manually.

2. You have yet to move owner money, earned by a tenant’s forfeited security deposit, from the security deposit bank to the rent bank. Look at GL, GL History. The Escrow and Deposits boxes should match.

3. If there is a property involved, you may have marked the Transfer Property Surplus on Tab 2 of the Property Profile. In this case, before doing the distribution checks, use AP, Scheduled Payables, Transfer Property Surplus.

4. In the Owner profile, Advanced Scheduling function, you have set up Scheduled Distribution Checks and the date is in the future. Set the date back or mark the Ignore Scheduling checkbox.

5. The tenant payments are still in open credits and haven’t been used to pay off charges. In AR, Tenant Receipt, apply those open credits.