All About Tax Reporting

The annual tax reporting webinar was held on Wednesday January 10, 2024. The webinar covered the 1099 form changes, reporting deadlines, reporting requirements, correcting errors, test printing, electronic filing, how to send your owners substitute 1099’s, TIN matching, and more. A recording is available below.

IMPORTANT: we expect almost all users will be required to file electronically this year due to the lower IRS electronic filing threshold. Users will need to apply for a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) to file electronically. Use the link below for more information from the IRS website. We’ve also included a link for an electronic filing waiver if needed.

New Client Portal Service Provider

We are working with one of our preferred partners, Inosio, on a new client portal service and integration. The planned launch with an early adopter is scheduled for February and given our excellent history with Inosio of quickly bringing new integration features to market we expect to be ready to bring on additional users soon after.

There has been a lot of confusion since our former portal partner sent an email in late December announcing a migration of users to their new system in April. We have learned they have clarified their intent and they plan for their replacement system to work with the legacy integration in our application. They have not communicated any plans to us, so we suggest users contact this provider directly if they have questions or concerns about the migration.

Our legacy portal integration will remain active in the application as long as there are users who want to use it. It will be moved in the menu structure to reflect it’s legacy status when the new integration is released.

Users who would prefer the advantages of a modern integration are encouraged to reach out to Inosio to learn about the benefits of the new portal service. We are doing our best to make sure the new system is ready for users before the transition.

We will provide more updates as they become available. Please don’t hesitate to call our Help Desk if you have concerns or questions.

Recorded Webinars

Educational and partner webinars are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4 pm eastern. A library of past webinars is available for those that cannot attend live.

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Information on how you can host PROMAS in the cloud.


Integration partners provide services such as online payments, cloud based inspections, applicant screening, and more.

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Documents geared for computer techs on best practices, installing the application on a new work station or server, and information to implement safe backup practices.

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Resources to learn how to use The Professional Landlord. Ideal for new employee training or first time users.

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