PROMAS is not limited to the desktop. Our products can be set up for anywhere access using our cloud hosting or your in-house systems.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting services allow customers to access The Professional Landlord™ over an internet connection from most Apple, Android, or Windows devices. 10” and larger screens are preferable, but not required. As with all cloud hosted solutions, one can work from any location with internet access. The potential downside is that if the internet in the office goes down employees must work from an alternate location.

Anytime Access with Windows Server

The most flexible deployment option allows in-office employees to have direct access to The Professional Landlord™ without the need for a working internet connection. Off-site employees can access The Professional Landlord™ and any other installed applications that you allow from most Windows, Android, and Apple (IOS) devices over an internet connection. It is strongly recommended that customers consult with an experienced IT professional to set up any Microsoft Server product.

Local Area Network

A simple way to deploy the application for a small office is to install The Professional Landlord™ and the database

on a dedicated or shared office server. Windows can be set up to allow a computer to be remote controlled from another device such as a Windows computer or Apple or ios devices using a Remote Desktop app over the internet.  Third party remote control solutions also exist.

Don’t want to maintain infrastructure?

Cloud hosting is available.

Do you have clients who don’t want their personal data in the cloud? 

Secure the database in a server on-site and use Microsoft Server hosting to still allow employees to work from anywhere over an internet connection. The application can publish information to Owner and Tenant portals via the optional PROMAS Central service or documents can be emailed directly. Owner or tenants who do not want their financial information in the cloud and/or sent by email can be individually excluded from publishing.

Do you live in an area prone to local communication outages?

The flexibility of deployment makes The Professional Landlord™ a robust choice to allow your business to function during a disaster that affects local communications including internet access. After Hurricane Katrina one of our customers was up and running after flooding because they could easily move a backup of their database and install the application at an alternate site.