Association Version 6 – 2016 Production Release

Version: 2016 1 Build 1

1. There are several new letter text substitutions to meet Florida statutory requirements for lien notices.These text substitutions will likely be useful to any association that sends out late notices or letters. There are four variants of an unpaid charge listing – both detailed and summarized. The “Lien” variants of these listings were designed for Florida. Additional text substitutions for the legal description and association name were also added to comply with Florida law.

2. The late fee profile has a new tab to define an interest charge separate from the late fee. The AR/Scheduled Receivables function includes a new option to assess interest. Please see the help for more details.

3. The work order copy for the occupant was labeled “Tenant Copy”. It is now labeled “Occupant Copy”.

4. After entering a bank account in the Deposit Receipts function, the cursor will now move to the Total Deposit field to match the behavior of The Professional Landlord.

5. Category text substitutions have been enabled in deed restriction letters. The categories will be those for the unit.

6. The editing screens for NSFed receipts now allows the date of the NSFed receipt and the returned item to be separately changed.

7. A new text substitution has been added to the OCR member statement for Member ID.

This update has modifications to the field placements on form 1099 Misc Copy A.

Please install when no other users are signed on.