Licensing and Cloud Hosting Options

This document describes the ways you can purchase and extend a license to use our our products.

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Subscriptions and Updates

This document describes the ways you can update to the latest version of our software.

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Support Policies

Please find the support policies below. A PDF version of this policy is coming soon.

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Professional Landlord Pricing

Pricing for the many ways you can license the Professional Landlord (TM) including cloud hosting.

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PROMAS for Associations Pricing

Pricing for the licensing Promas for Associations.

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Miscellaneous Pricing

Includes pricing for services such as remote training, bank statement reconciliations and comprehensive data reviews. It also includes pricing for support for customers that do not have a current subscription to the software.

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Help Desk Policies

Help Desk hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Eastern) Monday through Friday.

The Help Desk is closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In the event the holiday falls on a weekend we will be closed either the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday.

The Help Desk closes at 3:00 pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Depending on call volume, calls received at the end of the day may be returned the following day.

Callbacks are made in the order calls are received except when given elevated priority for the following circumstances:

* The caller indicates an outside technician is on site.
* The caller’s company started with the software fewer than 60 days ago.
* The caller indicates that they missed a callback.

Email support requests are entered for callback if the question is unclear, the answer is not straightforward, or the question is one that will likely require repeated back and forth.

We do callbacks rather than keep the caller on hold. Callback time varies depending on call volume. Heavier call volumes usually occur during January and February and the first six business days of the month. In addition, call volume is often heavier close to noontime Eastern and 4 pm Eastern.

The PROMAS support team serves a specific purpose – to answer questions about the functions of the PROMAS programs. Calls are taken in the order they are received. Each call to the help desk may be limited to 30 minutes depending on the backlog at the time.

The Support Team will:
• explain how PROMAS can best handle your specific requirements.
• explain how the different modules of the program work and interact.
• help you organize your profiles and ledgers to receive the maximum benefit of the program.
• address and resolve error messages, explaining what the probable cause and solutions may be.
• track down problems with specific owner/tenant balances for a particular situation.
• review your chart of accounts to identify any obvious mismatches.
• guide you to the appropriate topic in our program Help and our How To pdf documents.
• answer a myriad of miscellaneous questions regarding training classes, print drivers, check styles, windows resources…
• receive and process your requests for improvements to the program.

Step-by-step procedures on how to perform many functions are available in the knowledge base on this website.  If, after reviewing the available documents, you request that we walk you through the process, it is outside the scope of the support agreement.

Whenever we can provide these services, they are available at an additional cost (pricing is subject to change, ask for current rates). Examples include walking you through:

• standard transaction posting
• downloading an update from our website
• backing up or restoring your data folder
• installing PROMAS on a new computer
• conversion or start-up procedures
• fixing payments recorded in error

We are often asked to provide support for additional tasks that are outside the scope of the normal support agreement. Whenever we can provide these services, they are available at an additional cost (pricing is subject to change, ask for current rates). These include, but are not limited to:

• Providing general Windows support (copy, cut, paste…functions)
• Fixing multiple posting errors, including security deposit refunds and transfers
• Repairing damaged database files
• Training employees
• Mapping a network drive
• Resolving other issues that are not PROMAS program related